Graveyard Preservation Grants: Supporting Restoration Efforts


Saving Historic Cemeteries

Graveyards are more than just places to bury the dead. They are also important repositories of history and culture. Historic cemeteries can tell us about the lives of our ancestors, the way they lived and died, and the beliefs they held. They can also provide a sense of place and community, and offer a quiet place for reflection and meditation.

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Unfortunately, many historic cemeteries are in danger of being lost due to neglect, vandalism, and development. In recent years, there has been a growing movement to save historic cemeteries and restore them to their former glory. This movement is being led by a variety of organizations, including cemetery preservation societies, historical societies, and government agencies.

Grant Programs for Graveyard Restoration

One of the most important ways to save historic cemeteries is through grant funding. Grant programs can provide financial assistance for a variety of projects, including cemetery restoration, maintenance, and research. There are a number of different grant programs available, each with its own set of criteria.

Some of the most well-known grant programs for cemetery preservation include the National Cemetery Preservation Program (NCPP), the Save America’s Treasures program, and the Cemetery Restoration Fund (CRF). The NCPP is a federal program that provides funding for the restoration of historic cemeteries on federal land. The Save America’s Treasures program is a federal grant program that provides funding for the preservation of cultural resources, including historic cemeteries. The CRF is a state-based program that provides funding for the restoration of historic cemeteries in New York State.

In addition to these federal and state programs, there are also a number of private grant programs that provide funding for cemetery preservation. These programs are often administered by cemetery preservation societies, historical societies, and other non-profit organizations.

Preserving the Past for the Future

Saving historic cemeteries is important for a number of reasons. First, it helps to preserve our cultural heritage. Historic cemeteries are a valuable source of information about the past, and they help us to understand the lives of our ancestors. Second, saving historic cemeteries helps to create a sense of place and community. Cemeteries are often important landmarks in our communities, and they provide a place for people to come together and remember their loved ones. Third, saving historic cemeteries helps to protect the environment. Cemeteries are often home to a variety of plant and animal life, and they provide a valuable green space in our communities.

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By working together, we can save historic cemeteries and preserve them for future generations. These important places of history and culture deserve to be protected, and we all have a role to play in their preservation.

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